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Hi Friends. Welcome to the blog of the Pine Gap trial, held in Alice Springs. For a background of the case and our group, and other stories please see www.pinegap6.org. At the bottom of the page is a photo of the four accused (from left) Jim Dowling; Donna Mulhearn; Bryan Law and Adele Goldie arriving at court on the first day of the trial, Tuesday 29th of June 2007.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to Court on Feb 20-22

Dear friends
The next stage of our journey to shine the spotlight on Pine Gap’s war-making role continues in this New Year with appeals in a Northern Territory courtroom, via a visit to Darwin’s prisons.
The appeal and cross-appeal of the Pine Gap 4 case is scheduled to be heard in the Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal on February 20-22, 2008 in Darwin.
Reminder: the Prosecution lodged an appeal against what they consider too lenient sentences (fines) handed down by Judge Sally Thomas at the conclusion of our trial last year.
Also: Two of us have lodged an appeal against our conviction based on various points of law relating to the use of the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act and other matters that did not allow us to have a fair trial.
In the meantime: warrants for our arrest have been issued in the Northern Territory following our decision to appeal and to not contribute financially to the Government’s coffers by paying our fines. Yes, you would think penalties would be suspended while an appeal is in progress, but this is not the case.
This means we will need to serve time in prison, and will likely be arrested soon after our arrival in Darwin.
Our sentences will range from 5-6 days for the girls to 2-3 weeks for the guys.
We’ll send further details about this and the appeal as they come to light; in the meantime if you’d like to continue your wonderful support of our action, there are a few ways:

* Do you know anyone in Darwin? Activists, friends, concerned citizens, anyone who might be interested in our trial. We would like to connect with people who can help us organise meetings and actions in Darwin, as well as attend the courtroom. And maybe even offer a bed for a few nights?

* Come to Darwin! There are currently special prices on flights to Darwin, if you would like to join us that would be great! There will be plenty to do!

* If anyone does not already have the bestselling CD Rise Up and Speak the Truth, please order a few copies for your friends. $20 or $15 concession, just reply by e-mail to order.

* Order a copy of our booklet, hot off the press: “Liberating Pine Gap - The story of one small group’s efforts at resisting war”. The story of our action, available for $5, just e-mail back with your order.

* Donations are still very welcome as we have many costs to meet around the appeal etc.

* Think about participating in an action being planned at Pine Gap around Anzac Day in 2008 in Alice Springs.

More news about all this soon. Thanks again for all your support thus far, it has been wonderful – a special thanks to our amazing group of supporters who were with us during the trial in Alice Springs.
At this time of year, we wish you some time to pause and reflect on all things hopeful.
Donna and Pine Gap colleagues
PS: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome
it." (John 1:3)

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